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What Better Business Bureau Says

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Stephen Edwards Company

(  )

3128 Tarpon Drive

Unit 103

Las Vegas, NV 89120


 BBB GETS AVERAGE 800,000                          TOTAL COMPLAINTS YEARLY                      


*  we have ( 0 ) BBB customer complaints since 1998 - 22 years

*  BBB monitors all businesses in USA whether    

    business is a BBB member - or not

*  transactions - over 16,104 sold since 1998 

     ... average 61 sold monthly

*  59 vehicles sold last month - October 2020

*  phone  ( 702 ) 560 - 0625 


             >   we must be doing something right            

             >   # of complaints the most important thing



     (google) Stephen Edwards Company Las Vegas 

*   then near top of page (click) Better Business Bureau 

     Profile for Stephen Edwards Company Las Vegas

*   it takes you directly to Las Vegas BBB website 


                 WE ARE (  NOT  )   A BBB MEMBER

                 WE ARE (  NOT  )  BBB ACCREDITED ... 

                 WE ARE (  NOT  )  BBB  RATED ...

                 THAT'S GOOD - NOT BAD 

*  to be rated & accredited a business must join BBB and pay a 

    large yearly membership fee ( up to $10,000 & more ) & 

    then automatically get A+ rating (  pay to play  )   

*  we are not a member of BBB. We do (  NOT  ) pay any $$$

    to BBB for yearly membership fee & accreditation

*  we think to be accredited should be based on good business

    history (  not  $$$  ). We have (  0  ) BBB complaints since

    1998 (  22 years  ). Common sense - we must be doing

    something right


                 WHO ELSE NOT A BBB MEMBER

                 & NOT BBB ACCREDITED   

*  Hemmings Motor News ( magazine ) & Hemmings website

*  big car auctions like Barrett-Jackson & Mecum

                 COMMON SENSE

# of complaints (  0 BBB complaints 22 years  ) most important thing !!!




*    APPRAISER IN OREGON emailed us ...

I'm 64 and a former marine. Who says can't teach

old dog new tricks ?  Thanks for selling my 1970

Dodge Super Bee to bar owner in Paris. Was

skeptical at first. Never heard of you. But it made

sense & everything checked out with BBB. I can't

believe it's only $250. Thanks again. Now sell my

1954 Lincoln Capri.. Photos & description attached.

$250 check in mail - JOE


*   CPA  IN CALIFORNIA emailed us ...

I have a love-hate relationship with you. LOVE

you helping me liquidate my collection. HATE

your other customers are giving me competition. 

Sent you the 2 Charger football game tickets I 

promised you. Did you get them yet ? Keep up

the good work - KEN


*   ELECTRICIAN IN OREGON emailed us ...

last night me & my wife had the best SEX in 10 

years after we received the $55,000 for my 1932 

Buick. Tell radio DJ in Germany thanks. Sending

you $250, 7 car photos & description in mail.

Now sell my 1957 Olds - TERRY


*   CAR DEALER IN TEXAS emailed us ...

did you get the bottle of wine I sent you ? 

You saved me by selling those 3 cars. Trying to 

sell them for fair market value was like trying 

to put square peg in round hole. $250 a real

bargain. Here is description & 5 photos for

63 Nova. $250 check in mail - RANDY


*   UCLA COLLEGE PROFESSOR emailed us ...

I didn't think the soccer player in Brazil would

pay $222,000 for my 1953 Eldorado convertible.

You proved me wrong. Thanks for selling it in 19

days. Call me. I have a 1965 Mustang I want you

to sell - ROBERT


*  RETIRED FARMER IN IOWA emailed us ...

when God closes 1 door he opens another.

Thank God for New Zealanders. Received my

$48,000 yesterday. Thanks. Tell Jeremy I

found extra parts for the 67 Grand Prix & tell 

him they will be in the car's trunk when he 

gets it - FRANK    


*  ENGINEER IN MINNESOTA emailed us ...

you guys rock !!! Thanks for selling my 

Mustang in 23 days for my $77,000 asking

price. What's going on with my 70 Corvette - SALLY


*  BANKER IN NEW YORK emailed us ...

brilliant idea - why didn't I think of it ?

Thanks for selling my 1967 Ferrari to hotel

owner in Tokyo.  My wife will be sending

you photos, description & $250 check for my

1960 Jaguar. Sell another one for me - TED


*  TIRE SALESMAN IN FLORIDA emailed us ...

opportunity knocked. I finally answered the door.

Thanks for selling my 56 Bel Air to pizza lawyer

in Italy in 24 days. My wife said every time we eat

pizza we'll think of the 56 Bel Air and the $69,000

it sold for. Best $250 I ever spent - RALPH


*  MECHANIC IN UTAH emailed us ...

bingo. You guys are the jackpot. Thanks for

selling my 1967 Camaro Street Rod in 21 days.

Received my $68,700 bank wire Tuesday.

Shipping company picked up car today. 

Sending you title tomorrow by Federal Express.

Email me when you get it - TONY


*  COLLECTOR IN MICHIGAN emailed us ...

It was a no-brainer. It worked like you said it

would. Thanks for selling my 37 Packard so

fast for $223,000. I was shocked. My wife wants

you to sell her 1971 Mercedes. Call us - WALTER


*  MECHANIC IN GEORGIA emailed us ...

thanks for selling my 1946 Mercury in 23 days

for $51,000 to musican in Australia. Wow.

Thanks again. I'm so glad I didn't listen to my

friends. Your service didn't make sense to 95%

of them. Of course they didn't have an expensive

classic car for sale & were ignorant of today's

terrible USA market conditions. Now I want you

to sell my 1970 Chevelle. Will email you photos

& description after lunch & send you $250

check - MIKE


*  FLIPPER IN ALABAMA emailed us ...

this is great. Southeast market soft. I find

good classic cars dirt cheap. You sell them

overseas. For past 4 years I've been making a

pile of $$$. I thank you. My wife thanks you.

My kids thank you. Thanks, thanks, thanks

again. Attached is description & photos of

1967 GTO. I want $68,000. The $250 check

in the mail. Let's sell another one - FRED


*  BUILDER IN VIRGINIA emailed us ...

it pays to advertise where the serious buyers

are. Did the stock broker in Hong Kong like

my 1967 Corvette convertible ? I know I like

his $138,000 - JOE


*  CAR DEALER IN KANSAS emailed us ...

I invested $250. Found a money tree. For first

time in my life I'm keeping my big mouth

shut & not telling others about your service.

Why help my competition ? Did the doctor 

in Denmark like the Impala ? Will call you 

Friday. I have 2 more cars I want you

to sell - JULIO


*  DAUGHER IN FLORIDA emailed us ...

my father died & left my mother a 1957 T-Bird.

Your dealer in Norway got more $$$ for it from 

the restaurant owner than we thought it was 

worth. Thanks. Me & my mom appreciate it. 

We give you people thumbs up - KATHY



*   DENTIST IN VERMONT emailed us ...

I'm happy. Tell others never to quit. Wasted $400

running ads in Hemmings for 3 months. No buyers.

Your dealer in Spain got me a buyer in 23 days for

my Mercedes for my $127,000 price. I'll never run

ads in Hemmings again. You the man. I have a 1952

Ford truck I want you to sell so call me - WALT



I divorced my "deadbeat" know-it-all husband.

My husband badmouths everyone including you 

guys. I thought your service made sense. He 

badmouthed you. What a fool doesn't understand

they laugh at & criticize - thinking they are showing

superiority - when actually they are showing their

ignorance. I did it anyway. Thanks for selling my

1964 Jaguar for my $119,500 price. It sure sold fast

to lawyer in Singapore - AMANDA



with increasing USA floods, hurricanes, tornados,

snow storms, drought, earthquakes & fires - it was

hard to get my $79,000 asking price in USA. You 

made it quick & easy to get my $79,000 price 

overseas. Thanks. Can you sell my 61 Cadillac

woody ? Call me - ROBERT


*  CAR DEALER IN CALIFORNIA emailed us ...

what we were doing wasn't working. $250 car

regsitration fee seemed reasonable. So we took a

shot. Glad we did. Thanks for selling our 1968 

Dodge Dart for $247,000. It was the best 

investment we ever made. Attached are photos &

description of 1970 Chevelle. Check in mail.

Let's do it again - SALLY & PETER


*  ARCHITECT IN IDAHO emailed us ...

never heard of you. But there are millions of

successful businesses in USA I never heard of

until I need their services. So I did it. Thanks 

for selling my 1941 Chrysler woody for

$128,000. And the best part was it took only

28 days. Thanks again.  Is there a demand for

Morgans overseas - PAUL


       WHAT OTHERS SAY        


                   (   )  

                          REPORTS ON THE MARKET

                      FOR CLASSIC CARS OVERSEAS



*  Sultan of Brunei ( near Malaysia ) owns over 5,000

    collectible cars    


*  demand dictates prices. The USA market is flooded with

    classic cars for sale. Large supply. Top price hard to get

    in USA. Worldwide, with low supply, prices higher & rising    


*  investors in Hong Kong, Singapore & Australia are bullish

    on tangible assets like collectible cars. They are concerned

    about the "unstable" stock market, inflation and social &

    political problems


*  classic car prices are rising worldwide as investors look for

    'safe' places for their cash. Classic cars are a great



*  worldwide collectible cars have beaten art, wine, coins,

    gold, silver & stocks by gigantic margins


*  China's 870,000 new millionaires are buying classic cars.

    These status symbols are now a major part of the Chineese



*  banking problems in Europe. There has been increased

    demand for classic cars under $50,000. Especially in

    England. People would rather have assets than cash in bank     


*  with around 250,000 Europeans retiring monthly with high

    levels of disposable income, they are investing in classic

    cars for their kids  


*  3 new hedge funds in England, Dubai & Hong Kong buying

    $950 million in collectible cars                      


*  shrewd Florida dealer buying low in USA & selling overseas

    for enormous profits. He says like throwing meat to hungry



*  European, Australian & Japanese dealers low on inventory.

    Don't have classic cars for fast-growing demand. Report

    450% increase in 1st time buyers

           SALES SINCE 1998                   (  22 YEARS  )       

*  over (  16,104  ) sold overseas since 1998

*  average (  732  ) sold yearly last 22 years   

*  average (  61  ) sold monthly last 22 years 

*  (  59 ) sold last month - October 2020

*  AVERAGE SELLING TIME (  15 - 40  ) days

*  since 1998 fastest time vehicle sold 5 days 


                 DON'T BELIEVE OVER 16,104 SOLD ?

                                     STOP & THINK   

* (Google) 35,000 classic cars shipped overseas last year   

*  16,104 sold in 22 years means average 732 sold yearly ...

    that's 732 dealerships out of 957 dealerships selling 

    (  1  ) vehicle yearly 

*  what's so hard to believe about that ???????????????

*  sales would be HIGHER if we had more to sell


                            TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE

*  you don't believe Hagerty Classic Car Insurance ?

*  you don't believe West Coast Shipping ?

*  you don't believe Google ?

*  you don't believe the Better Business Bureau ?


                   THEN NOBODY CAN HELP YOU   

*  so keep trying to sell yourself in soft USA market -

    keep wasting $$$ for USA ads - keep lowering price & 

    take a BIG LOSS (  next year worse  ) ... or             

                     GET IT SOLD NOW OVERSEAS

                          FOR YOUR ASKING PRICE

                           WHILE YOU STILL CAN ...



        CALL ( 702 ) 560 - 0625         

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